6 Different Hair Coloring Techniques You Can Choose From

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Sporting the same style, color and cut for a long time becomes boring. The hair will look unhealthy and frizzy. Being stuck at something is one of the worst feelings of all. So if you want to be creative and go for a change, try to sport a new color and style. The following are the color techniques performed by colorists that you can choose from.  

 Hair Coloring Techniques


Ombre is a popular trend from 2015 until now. It’s unique and if you want to go with a striking color, you can do so. With this technique, the hair color of your roots fades gradually into a lighter hair color at the ends. The usual color is blond and other shades of it. If you have a natural lighter hair, the colorist will darken it to deeper the shade at the roots to highlight the Ombre style.  


Balayage is a French term which means to paint or to sweep. Most women choose this technique because it has a pretty effect on the hair. With this procedure, the stylist paints hair color and bleach on your hair’s surface. The trick is not too saturate the entire section too much so the result would be a natural looking and soft highlights. Its pretty effects are because it the color blends with the hair once it grows longer. The distinction between an Ombre and Balayage is that the former is the end look while the latter is the technique. Stylists use Balayage technique to make the Ombre achievable.  


Somber is a sister of Ombre, but softer and subtler. There’s a lower contrast between the color at the ends and at the roots. The dark shade at the roots blends with the color at the ends. Popular versions of Sombres are Mocha Sombre, Caramel Sombre and Bronde Sombre.  

Fluid Hair Painting 

Fluid hair painting is somewhat similar to Balayage where a hair color is painted at the surface of the hair. Their difference is that in fluid hair painting, the color is applied while your head is leaned back at a table. The colorist will then have total control of your hair since he/she can see how hair colors blend and interact with each other. If you want to achieve the trendy opal and mermaid hair, you can ask the stylist for this procedure.  


If you don’t want the entire section of your hair to be colored, you can opt for the highlights techniques. In this process, only some of the section of your hair is dyed. The result can improve the shape of your shape or accentuate some facial features. Foil highlighting and balayage ae two techniques used by colorist to achieve this look. 

Hair Gloss 

This treatment closes the hair and cuticle, where it leads to shinier, smoother and less frizzy hair. If you have a messy and frezzy hair, this treatment is best for you. If your hair is already colored, a gloss will be applied to deepen the tone of the color and maintain the color too.  


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