6 Signs and Symptoms of a Damaged Furnace

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Our home’s furnace is our savior during winter times, or during normal cold days. It makes us comfortable with the warmth it brings. However if you haven’t used it for half a year, the furnace might get damaged without you even realizing it. This happens to a lot of households in the country, so you should check on your furnace once in a while. The following are the signs and symptoms of a damaged furnace. If you noticed many of them, contact a furnace repair services professional.  

Damaged Furnace 

Difficulty Starting the Unit 

Furnaces especially old ones will have more difficulty starting the unit and keep it running. If you try to turn it on but you have to try multiples times to do it successfully, then you should consider having a repair. This is one of the functionality issues might is caused by damaged thermostat or disconnected wirings. Replacing these damages will resolve the issue.  

Abnormal Furnace Smell 

If you turn on the furnace for the first time in a year, the furnace can smell like the fuel you’re using. The odors will be gone once the unit keeps on running. However, if the strong smell of fuel is there, or when an odor suddenly appears while you use the furnace, the system might have a problem. These issues might cause by an excessive dust inside the unit or a gas leak. It’s better to have it checked because the odor will have an effect on your health.  

Inadequate Heat 

One of the most obvious damages you can notice from a furnace is that it’s not doing its job properly, which is to provide heat. If the furnace doesn’t provide heat or inadequate amount of heat regardless of the thermostat setting, then you should repair it. The cause might be a faulty thermostat or a leaking ductwork and makes the air escape.  

Discolored Pilot Light 

A furnace’s pilot light is blue but when it’s of a different color especially yellow, you have a ventilation problem on your furnace. The pilot light’s color changes when the carbon monoxide doesn’t dissipate. If you don’t pay attention to this, it can cause you major health problems and makes the unit more combustible. So, call a professional right away.  

Persistent Noises 

Every furnace is loud, there are no silent ones. However, if there are loud persistent noises it can indicate problems on your furnace. Pay attention to the noise you hear and clearly describe it to a technician during a check-up. Groaning and banging noises result from loose or broken internal components while whistling and squealing noises come from fan or belt issues.  

Poor Air Quality 

The furnace’s job is to give you warm air during cold days, and also has an impact on the quality of air in your home. A system with little or poor maintenance might have bacteria, dirt and other particles that go along with the heated air. If you notice more dust floating in your air, and respiratory ailments among your family members you should have the furnace checked.  

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