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How to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer 

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Wedding preparation and planning is challenging especially that there are aspects of it that you can’t taste, hear or smell like your cakes, arrangements, flower and music. When we talk about photography, you can’t test like those things on your wedding preparation until you see the actual thing first. Hiring one is difficult especially that there’s no licenses and certifications required from them. So, hiring a wedding photographer will take a lot of research and your selection will base upon a lot of factors. The following are the things that you should consider.  

Wedding Photographer

Settle on a Style 

Before you look for a photographer, settle the style you like because it will then determine what kind of photographer you will hire. Some of the style you can choose from are portraiture, documentary, fine art and edgy and bold. The portraiture style is like a classic portrait for a traditional wedding where the couple will pose in front of the camera, or family or friends. Various backdrops are used for this style.   

A documentary style is when photos of candid moments, décor, and people are spontaneously shown. Imagine a documentary you love watching and turning your wedding into something like that. The fine art style is similar to documentary however it gives the photographer more chance to channel his style and point of view. The photos are gorgeous and dramatic, as if shot in a film. Lastly, the edgy and bold style is marked by tilted angles, using different outside-the-box angles to shoot everything.  

You should remember though that photographers can mix one or more of these styles to achieve the goal you want. If you are not engaged yet, you can also hire a photographer to take photos of the engagement. Same drill, choose the style you want, traditional engagements, adventure engagements, romantic engagements and others, then that would determine what kind if photographer you will need.  

Do Some Research 

Read through the local listings of photographers in your area or ask people who are recently married. If you have potential photographers already since you already narrowed down your option in step 1, review their blogs and websites to check their photos. It will give you an idea of how they shoot the style you wants. Nowadays almost all businesses have social media accounts, check those and see if they have positive feedbacks from people.  

Set Up an Interview 

You might not be able to ask photographers their licenses and certifications but you can see if they can give quality job by setting up an interview. Take a look more at their assets, their personality, talk about their style, see their album and ask for their availability.  

Review Wedding Albums 

During the interview, make sure that you review their wedding albums. Also, do not just base your decision on the pictures they presented, ask for more. See a full album of at least one wedding they shot so you would know how they work. Be critical. After everything, compare the photographer’s packages then ask about your rights for the photos.  

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